Xenia Heilmann, M.Sc.

Hi, I am a PhD student and part of the algorithmics group and TOPML project ( https://topml.uni-mainz.de/) at JGU Mainz since October 2022.

Visitor address:
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Institute of Computer Science
Staudingerweg 9
55128 Mainz



Research Interests

Can machine learning algorithms preserve privacy and be fair? I am working on the interactions and trade-offs of "Fairness vs. Privacy" in machine learning . On the one hand, I want to achieve that different social groups are considered equally in machine learning models (fairness). On the other hand, within an ML algorithm, no data should be passed on to third parties, and from the output of the algorithm, it should not be possible to draw conclusions about the original training data (privacy).


Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra I
Student Teaching Assistant, ST 19